About Us

Artisans of joy with a passion for gift basket ideas that leave a lasting impression. 

Gift-giving is an art form, a language of love and appreciation that transcends words. In the heart of Calgary, a story began in 1996 that would redefine the art of gifting. A Basket Case came to life to transform simple presents into extraordinary experiences with unique gift basket ideas for all occasions. Let our friendly, local team guide you in conveying your sentiments through meticulously curated gifts, where each item is chosen with intent. 

We’re so much more than a business, we are a true family affair; with fourth-generation roots in the Calgary community. It's all hands on deck with support from my mom, sister-in-law, and aunts, who come together to fulfil each order during the bustling holiday seasons. 

An unwavering commitment to excellence - no matter the occasion 

Through the years, our commitment to delivering exceptional gift baskets at affordable prices has never wavered. We are constantly refreshing our range with exciting new products, ensuring that our high standards of quality are never compromised. We believe the smallest details are the ones that matter most; so, down to the last hand-tied bow and personalized note, your gift will be prepared to perfection. 

From the unmatched joy of a newborn's laughter to the professional handshake of corporate success, we make gift basket ideas for every milestone imaginable. With a keen eye for quality and an imaginative spirit, we've designed baskets that cater to every personality, celebration, and sentiment; while still being open to your custom requests. 

Gift basket ideas that speak volumes, even on short notice 

We understand how busy you are, and how quickly time can get away from you. Before you know it, there’s another birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion on your doorstep in the blink of an eye. The next time you need a last-minute gift, why fall back into old habits by relying on predictable flowers that will be wilting before the day is over, or an impersonal gift card that says very little?  

Instead, we welcome you to see it as an opportunity to communicate your affection, gratitude, or friendship with a beautifully crafted gift basket. With the most thoughtful selection and flawless presentation, it eloquently expresses the sentiment and message you wish to convey in a way that's remembered long after the contents have been enjoyed. 

Full Disclosure - I LOVE getting flowers.

The perfect gift, every time

Now that you’ve found A Basket Case, the search for the perfect gift basket ends right here. We invite you to explore our world, where creativity meets craftsmanship to celebrate the moments that matter. 

For every season and for every reason, A Basket Case is here with our signature blend of luxury, comfort, and speedy delivery. 

Reach out to the friendly team today. What are you waiting for?