Perfect Gifts for When You Can’t Be There in Person

Perfect Gifts for When You Can’t Be There in Person

Can’t make it to celebrate and praise your loved one for another big milestone? No problem. Just because you can’t be there in person doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate them. You can always send over the perfect gift so that they know you care.

For the New Homeowner

For the new homeowner, don’t rely on the registry list, assuming they have one. Go above and beyond because owning a home is a huge accomplishment. They deserve to know how proud and happy you are for them.

A new set of kitchen knives is great but try and take it one step further. Get them a customized cutting board and apron so that they feel like the boss when cooking. Ask them what their color scheme is for the living room and find some accent pieces of furniture to help them complete the look.

For the Food Lover

The food lover in your life needs extra care because food is the way to everyone’s heart. They probably explore different recipes and creations, so provide them with a gift that assists them on their quests. Send over a spice rack with a wide variety of spices.

Start a theme and add instructions for which spices go best with certain dishes. Consider adding spices and herbs that help to complement food from different regions. With this idea, you can send over two or three spice racks, depending on the countries you choose to highlight.

For the Book Worm

Books are another form of escapism. With every page turned, your book lover friend enters a new world. Provide them maximum comfort during this journey. Consider gifting them with a new chair so they can create a cozy corner. A nice blanket will go well with the chair too.

With all the books they’ve collected over the years, they need a place to store them. Send over a beautiful vintage bookshelf and add a book holder for their nightstand, too. As they start to drift off, they can place the book on the stand and never lose their place. This way, they avoid the famous dog-eared pages.

For the Birthday Boy or Girl

If you can’t make it to celebrate another year of them being here, schedule a birthday basket delivery with some tasty treats and special accessories that show you care. At A Basket Case, we offer a wide variety of baskets, from a Wine Down theme to treats that will spice up your movie night.

Throw in a couple of pictures to remind them of your precious moments spent together. Send over an empty frame and tell them you plan to fill it with a new picture once you see each other again.

If you miss a monumental moment, it’s not the end of the world. You can still make your presence known by sending over a perfect gift even when you can’t be there in person. Check our website to see how we can help you accomplish this task.