8 Unique Real Estate Closing Gifts for Home Buyers

8 Unique Real Estate Closing Gifts for Home Buyers

Closing gifts are a great way to maintain your relationship with your clients and secure future referrals. But what gift should you choose to send the right message to your clients? To help you select the perfect closing and housewarming present, here are eight unique real estate closing gifts for home buyers to consider.

A Coffee Sample Pack

Are your clients not morning people? A gift of a coffee sample pack might just change their mind. A delicious steaming cup of joe in the morning can help them power through their day.

A Wine Sample Pack

What better way to celebrate such a big purchase than by cracking open a bottle of wine? Your clients will have a grand first night in their home with a wine sample pack full of their favorite liquors.

A Personalized Cutting Board

Another unique real estate closing gift for home buyers is a personalized cutting board. This is a gift they’ll use for years to come!

Cutting boards are vital parts of every kitchen, but it can be hard to find one that’s beautiful, high quality, and budget friendly. Help your client avoid the stress of shopping for one by doing the shopping in their stead.

A Local Experience

Help your clients get acquainted with their new neighborhood by gifting them a local experience. Get them tickets to a concert at the local bar, pay for them to take a cooking class at the local restaurant… your options are endless. However, remember to keep your client's interests in mind when choosing what kind of experience to gift them.

A Commissioned Portrait

A custom piece of art is another meaningful gift to give to your clients. You can commission a portrait of them and their family, a watercolor painting of their house, or an attention-grabbing abstract piece for them to hang in their living room.

An Engraved Keychain

Your clients will need a safe place to keep the keys to their brand-new home. So why not get them an engraved keychain that they can proudly hang them from?

A Gift for the Kids and Pets

If your client has kids or pets, don't leave them out. Include a small gift, like a toy or treat, for the little ones and the furry ones in your client's life. This shows your clients that you care about every member of their family.

A Custom Gift Basket

Having a hard time choosing? That's okay. You don't need to settle. Because with a custom gift basket, you can give your clients not just one, not just two, but a whole assortment of fun, stunning, and delicious gifts!

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